Billing Services

We believe revenue cycle management is at the core of a successful medical practice. Our goal is to increase and accelerate revenue.

Proprietary and Integrated Technologies

Iris-Health fully owns it technology stack, eliminating external vendor dependencies. For a seamless and cost-effective experience, we suggest implementing our full software platform which includes scheduling, EMR interface, and patient portal.

Team Approach

Our staff is organized into teams based on different billing tasks and specialties. This approach helps our staff refine their area of expertise and ensure that no task is left untouched.


Our software platform is highly automated to drive efficiencies. For example, we establish electronic access to hospitals to pull face sheets automatically.

Fast Turnaround

Charges are validated and filed within 24 hours of receipt.

Charge Capture Options - Scheduler, EMR, iPhone App

Enter charges instantly through a wide variety of options tied into Iris-Health's platform.

iPhone Rounding App

Helps providers easily track visits and enter charges for facility based patients.

Custom Rules Engine

Enables a practice to create specific rules based on their unique requirements.