Full Serviced Single Physician Practice


A single physician family practice located in Englewood, FL needed to evaluate the best strategy to get rid of paper charts, implement an EMR system, and eliminate fluctuation in the quality of billing.


RCM - Switching to Iris-Health's integrated platform allowed the physician and staff to focus solely on patient care. As a small practice, they were able to tackle regulatory reimbursement and technology challenges through Iris-Health's RCM service.

Integrated Technology - All appointments were managed through Iris-Health's scheduling software and all visits were documented by EMR, instead of paper charts. This established all patient information on the same integrated system.

Electronic Faxing - The clinic eliminated paper-based faxing and moved to electronically faxing documents directly from Iris-Health's software.


  • Transitioned to Iris-Health's software platform at no additional cost to the clinic
  • Minimal disruption to current workflow for staff and physician
  • Compliance achieved through ePrescribing, Medicare revalidation, PQRS waiver, HIPAA omnibus, and security assessments
  • Revenue increase through reminder calls and ePrescribing incentives