Fax & Voice Features

Electronic faxes and voice messaging are directly integrated into our platform to increase efficiencies and revenue.

Bi-directional Faxing

Send and receive faxes within Iris-Health's software platform to reduce workload

Linking to Patient's Chart

Inbound faxes are easily linked to a patient's chart and can be assigned to staff for follow up.

Document Faxing

Fax any uploaded document with a click of a button. You are given the option to add a customized cover page as well as input patient information from the system.

Inline Signature & Comments

Effortlessly add inline signature and additional comments to documents before faxing back out

Automated Voice Messaging

Patients are automatically called two days before their scheduled appointment to reduce the number of no-shows. Calls are also automated to resolve missing or incorrect insurance or demographic information.

Custom Voice Messaging

Choose from personalized or mass voice messages to keep patients informed