Technology Services

Technology Service is an offering to practices that lack a dedicated and skilled IT staff.


The primary focus area for our technology service is to implement Iris technologies at customer location and ensure it is working optimally. This includes interfacing with any external solutions including EMRs or charge capture systems.

EMR Selection

You have heard of EMR implementation horror stories. Practices generally choose a software based on their features or customer base. We focus on the physician, his consumption model. While Iris has a meaningful use certified EMR software, we recommend other vendors when it delivers the highest productivity for the physician.

HIPAA Compliance

Penalities for HIPAA violation has increased significantly and this poses a significant threat to medium and small practices that do not trained in-house personnel that are trained on technologies and practices to avoid data loss. We review all technologies used in the practice and give recommendations

Network Security

We perform a network vulnerability analysis against external hacking. Weak points addressed and security tightened as needed

Performance tuning

Sometimes application performance degrade over time and we can isolate performance issues to network, database or other resource constraints and tune the application to improve performance

Interface development

We develop custom interfaces for charge capture systems, EMRs, portals, devices, labs and hospitals with Iris technology stack.