We help medical practices adapt to the digital era

Our Belief

We believe it is vital that medical professionals remain independent, individualistic, and profitable to address the needs of a diverse set of patients. And we believe that we have the experience and a diverse skill set to help medical professionals own and operate their own practices.

Our core values


Innovate, Serve, Sustain.

Understand clients’ challenges; build innovative solutions


Tech, Knowledge, Service, Solutions.

Combine technology, knowledge & service to solve problems


Iterate, Improve, Take Risks.

Take risks, iterate quickly with continuous improvement


Collaborate, Nurture, Succeed Together.

Nurture collaboration; promote teamwork ahead of individual goals


Profit, Invest, Research, Grow.

Make sustainable profits & invest back into R&D

Our Passion

Agile Clinic Growth

Help clinics start with minimal capital & scale quickly allowing clinics to maintain a flexible workforce

Empowering with Free Tools

Make internal tools available for free when we can

Patient-centric Revenue Solutions

Allow patients to self-service their needs and help clinics get paid for their work

Secure Healthcare Innovations

Build solutions with security in mind

Key Figures


Years of expertise










  1. Iris-Health; the Flagship company started with transcription

  2. Built PM & EMR software

  3. Diversified into billing service as transcription went down

  4. Certified EMR for Meaningful Use

  5. Created BPCI tracking software

  6. Became MIPS Qualified Registry

  7. Added dialysis tracking module for nephrologists

  8. Building Trillium - Software for the digital age; built for collaboration

  9. Building Iris - Built for surgeons and interventionists

  10. Building Cypress - Remote staffing to drastically reduce staffing costs

  11. Building Tensaw - Marketing to enable practices to stand out in the marketplace

Try the Iris way

If you are a hospital based physician, there is not a solution that brings together the skills, process and technology into a complete solution for you. We guarantee that!

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