Billing Service for Hospitalists

Leave your work behind at the end of your shift

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iOS/Android App

You are on the go and you need a system that matches your work style. Our app is built for you to give you access to view collections, review claims or enter charges.

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Increase collections

In some instances, it pays to file claims quickly and collect the money. In other cases, it makes sense to time the claim to maximize the collection. We use a proprietary set of rules to determine when to file the claim to maximize reimbursement.

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Let us handle your paperwork

We establish a lockbox to accept your mail and EOBs. This eliminates the need for you to collect mail and scan them.  If you receive any mail, we give you labeled envelopes and stationary to mail them to us.

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No more trips to the bank

We direct deposit your electronic and paper checks directly into your bank account. You no longer will need to stand in line to deposit checks into your bank account.

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Don't put off your credentialing because you have not found the right company. We take care of your credentialing as part of our billing service.

Never carry facesheets around again

Gone are the days when you are responsible for collecting face sheets for your biller. We take on that responsibility either through ADT feeds or hospital logins.

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Patient portal

If you do not have the option to pay online on your statement, you are losing money. We give your patient an online payment option.

Featured client

We have worked with Iris for over 10 years and I can say that they have been a true partner for us!

Inpatient Physician Associates

Try the Iris way

If you are a hospital based physician, there is not a solution that brings together the skills, process and technology into a complete solution for you. We guarantee that!

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